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Elena and her mom Colleen had a spectacular flight!

Take Flight with Hood River Soaring

Hood River Soaring is passionate about sharing our love of soaring with experienced and aspiring pilots and with the people who live in and visit the scenic Hood River Valley. We offer glider rides to the public and glider rental, towing, and instruction to our members. Our youth program makes glider pilot training affordable and accessible to the next generation who live in the mid-Columbia Gorge.

Experience the grand beauty and geologic wonders of the Columbia River Gorge from a two-passenger glider.


A World-Class Flying Experience

Hood River, Oregon is a world class soaring destination. Located in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Hood River combines breathtaking scenery and consistent soaring conditions with a community of experienced, welcoming pilots.

We invite visiting glider pilots to come fly with us. We also offer temporary membership plans for novices who are visiting the Gorge to take introductory flight lessons.

Training the Next Generation of Pilots

We believe that learning to fly should be accessible to all people, regardless of age or economic means. That’s why Hood River Soaring provides work-study opportunities and scholarships for youth in our area to become glider pilots. If you are between the ages of 13 and 25, please contact us to learn more.

Hood River Soaring has turned an interesting hobby into a dream come true. The community is welcoming, knowledgeable, and ready to give encouragement. Everyone is always trying to help or make the wonderful gliding experience even better. The work study program is extremely helpful for students trying to earn their wings.

Ian Wiebke
Youth Program Participant


Pilot Tim provided me with the experience of a lifetime today.

Timothy Burleson
Scenic Ride Customer

Thanks to HRS and the youth program, I was able to fund my private glider pilot training entirely from a combination of work study funds and an SSA scholarship. This is what differentiates HRS from many other glider clubs, the club members and the club itself are structured in a way to make success the path of least resistance, therefore achieving one’s goals is easily attainable.  I am grateful to HRS for all of the support and for all of the opportunities that they offered me. 

Victoria Ervin
Youth Program Participant

The HRS Youth Program has been a transformative experience for our son. This club does far more than teach kids to fly – although that is a great outcome. It’s a place where they are welcomed by like-minded adults who guide and encourage them to pursue their dreams. They come away with increased confidence and, with some hard work, a license to soar.

Ron & Kelly Wiebke
Parents of Youth Program Participant

I joined Hood River Soaring when I was 15, shortly after it was founded. I had been searching for a glider club for some time because the minimum age to solo a glider is 14 and I was excited to take the next step in my training. Through its work-study program, Hood River Soaring offered me the perfect opportunity to pursue my goals and get involved in the community.

Nathan Fuentes
Youth Program Participant