Cory Roeseler here, to share insights and experiences related to Hood River Soaring. Back in my Vice President days, these reports were my escape from domestic duties, but today, it's just a joyful reminiscence.

This week, I had the absolute pleasure of indulging in some Condor sim basics with the Harts, followed by a breathtaking round of Mt. Hood from Lookout Mountain, carried by a steady 27-knot NW wind on Thursday evening. It was nothing short of awe-inspiring!

Wave Lift!

Yesterday, while the mountain wave models might not thrill the analytical minds among us, the sight of those lenticular clouds captivated us. Hearing about Kelly's adventure to Trout Lake at 8,000 feet filled me with envy. I quizzed Tim about his own self-launched flight, and true to form, Tim worked the ridge to Cathedral Ridge. He then ventured into the valley, and found a wave up to 9,000 feet over Cloud Cap. A late afternoon commercial ride was a tantalizing tease, leaving me stuck in the office catching up on tasks.

Additionally, Jeff and Banyon contemplated a solo flight, wisely opting to wait until the K21 had a functional radio and a valid weight and balance certification.

Today brought a new set of adventures. A repeat customer from Portland booked two rides with Sarah. The morning weather looked promising, and Alex ventured in for a thrilling wave experience in glider. It was my first time towing in 5 months. With winds gusting at 13 knots, I had to bring my A-game. Grateful for the support of Mark and Tim, we managed a swift tow to the ridge.. Alex made the prudent decision to cancel his launch amidst deteriorating conditions.

Après Soaring Fun

Afterward, Tim, Alex, and I retreated to Ferment Brewing for lunch, relishing the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air without being caught "VFR on top" as the overcast sky solidified.


2-33 Tuning: This week, I stumbled upon the possibility of pitch-trimming our 2-33 "economy trainer" by adjusting washers under the leading edge of the tail plane. With some advice from DPE Robin Ried, it seems a simple adjustment could transform our 2-33 into the forgiving trainer it's renowned for.

Radios: Exciting news from Scott Gifford: both radios are back from Becker USA, ready to be re-installed in the K-21 and 2-32 in the coming weeks.

Wave clouds over Mt Hood
Lenticular clouds over Mt Hood by B Russell
Hood River Valley Blossoms
Pear Blossoms Hood River Valley-(K. Hadley)
Gliders under rainbow
Rainbows over gliders (Photo credit: Judy Frey)
Ferment Brewery
Après Gliding Activity (adults, but good food for youth, too) Ferment Brewery
Schweizer 233 flying
Schweizer 233 (Photo Credit: Rome Carse)