“Sledding” Mt Adams

“It Came Upon the Midnight Clear” over Mt. Adams.

Well, not actually. This was about 15:45, and that is not the moon to the east, but the reflection of the sun to the west (off my right wing) on the left side of my canopy, while at the same time, the brightness of the snow in the sun darkened the picture enough to suggest evening shadows.

And yes…the lift was not great, so I had Mr. Rotax 912 pull me  from Hood River all the way up to 9300’ MSL just west of Mount Adams in the picture. Then I idled back for the long sled ride back to the Columbia to get a feel for thermal conditions on a weak day before powering up again to get back to 4S2. And I burned maybe 2-1/2 gallons of fuel to do it all.

This was my first solo flight longer than half an hour in the Ximango. We are truly blessed to be able to fly out of Hood River!

Brian Hart

(Ximango motorglider)