Educational Videos

GLIDER GROUND SCHOOL - January - March 2019

Watch the complete glider ground school course taught by Hood River Soaring flight instructor, Mark Stanfield CFIG, during the winter of 2019. Note: Click on the 3 horizontal bars in the upper right corner of the video to display the full playlist for the course.


Tow upsets happen very quickly. Here we talk about them, what causes them, and how to prevent them to keep you and your tow pilot safe. Video produced by Pure Glide, New Zealand.

HUNTING THE WILD THERMAL by Mike Bamberg - August 2020

Mike Bamberg began his flying career in 1985 and became a flight instructor and FAA examiner.  He's an avid glider pilot who loves to share his knowledge of cross-country soaring.  Here Mike reviews the principles for thermal action in the atmosphere.  He shows what causes thermals and how to find them.

SOARING IN HOOD RIVER by Rolf Koenenkamp - October 2018

Rolf Koenenkamp began flying gliders as a teen in Europe in 1970. He started flying in Hood River in 2003. He has flown multiple cross country glider flights here, ranging as far as Hood River to Bend and back. In this presentation, Rolf shares his knowledge of the local ridge, thermal, and wave soaring conditions that have made those flights possible.

SOARING THE RIDGE AND BEYOND by Kelly Cooper - August 2018

One of Hood River Soaring's most active and avid glider enthusiasts, Kelly Cooper, shows where to find the lift that makes for great soaring opportunities in our local mid-Columbia area. He shares his strategies for leaving the ridge to find the sweet spots.