Join Hood River Soaring!

Have you always been intrigued by the idea of flying? Becoming a glider pilot is viewed by many as the best way to start flying. All the skills you learn as a glider pilot will transfer to flying powered aircraft and you will have a ball learning!

Why Hood River Soaring? The Hood River valley and surrounding Columbia Gorge has unique soaring conditions sought after by gliding pilots. Due to prevailing summer winds, ridge soaring is often combined with wave soaring, so gliders may ascend to over 12,000 feet with startling views of the Cascade mountains.

When you become an HRS member you will have access to a fleet of gliders including instruction in one of the best training gliders in the Pacific Northwest, an ASK 21. Best of all, you will join a group of fellow glider pilots who love to share their passion for soaring.

Membership in Hood River Soaring is offered at levels of participation ranging from those who want to enjoy occasional glider rides and share them with friends and family to the aspiring pilot intent on high performance competition. There’s no better value in aviation than becoming a member of Hood River Soaring.


Hood River Soaring (HRS) is an official chapter of the Soaring Society of America (SSA). Our annual membership dues include the cost of SSA membership ($75 regular membership, $45 family, and $42 youth memberships). Membership in SSA is mandatory for all members of HRS.  Dues are renewable annually and must be paid prior to any flying.


  • Access to HRS fleet
  • Access to glider towing and instruction at member rates
  • Hood River Valley scenic rides at a 40% discount to members
  • Participate in HRS social functions
  • Online Services at HRS website that facilitate the sharing of news, stories, pictures, videos, and other data


  • Full membership for one individual
  • One time Initiation fee $300
  • Annual dues $325 ($250 to HRS + $75 to SSA)
  • For additional family members
  • Initiation and dues are half of Regular Membership.
  • One time Initiation fee $150
  • Annual dues $170 ($125 to HRS + $45 to SSA)
  • Age 13 to 25
  • Eligible for Youth Program: Scholarships and Work-Study
  • Initiation fee of $100 prior to solo
  • Pay $100 balance of initiation fee after solo
  • Annual dues of $150 (includes $42 SSA youth member dues)
Tow Pilot
  • For pilots who want to join the club exclusively to fly tow planes
  • Complete the Tow Pilot Application Form (PDF)
  • Complete 15 donated tows in lieu of initiation fee
  • Annual dues of $100​

Membership Application


“5-for-4” Individual Package:
  • $1,000 for 5 years  for one individual – Equivalent to 4 years of annual dues at the current rate.
  • $300 initiation fee + $1000 “5 for 4” annual dues + $75 SSA for 1st year – Total: $1375
  • Annual SSA dues of $75
Lifetime Individual:
  • $3,000 for lifetime membership for one individual
  • Equivalent to 12 years of annual dues at the current rate
  • $300 initiation fee + $3000 Lifetime Membership + $75 SSA for 1st year – Total: $3375
  • Annual SSA dues of $75
Lifetime Family:
  • $5,000 for lifetime membership for yourself and all immediate family members (includes spouse & children)
  • Equivalent to approximately 13 years of current individual plus family membership dues
  • $450 Initiation fee + $5000 Lifetime Family Membership + $120 SSA for 1st year – Total: $5570
  • Annual SSA dues of $120

Membership Application


  • For visiting pilots who live more than 100 miles from Hood River
  • Proof of SSA membership required
  • Allows use of club aircraft, towing, and instruction at regular membership rates
  • $100 a month, maximum of 3 months per year
  • $200 one time initiation fee
  • $500 refundable deposit
  • Note that prior to use of Hood River Soaring aircraft the visiting pilot must be checked out and receive approval to fly the aircraft by a Hood River Soaring CFI-G
Fly A Sailplane Today – FAST Package:
  • Offered by Hood River Soaring in collaboration with the Soaring Society of America (SSA)
  • $150 includes a 1-hour lesson with an FAA-certified Instructor (including glider rental and tow fees)
  • Students receive a copy of Everybody’s 1st Gliding Book and a Glider Pilot Logbook
FAST Plus! Package:
  • Everything in the above FAST package plus two additional 1-hour lessons
  • $450 one-time fee, which is discounted to $400 for youth (ages 13-25)
  • $50 may be applied directly towards your Hood River Soaring club initiation fee
  • Package must be completed within 3 months of the first lesson
Reciprocity with Willamette Valley Soaring Club:
  • For current members of Willamette Valley Soaring Club
  • Proof of Willamette Valley Soaring Club and SSA membership required
  • Allows use of club aircraft and towing at regular membership rates
  • $60 for 10 days in any configuration during the annual season
  • For family and friends of Hood River Soaring
  • No flying privileges
  • Participate in all other club activities
  • No fees charged

Membership Application