Come Soar With Us!

Glider rides with Hood River Soaring allow visitors to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the scenic beauty and wonder of the Hood River Valley and Columbia River Gorge.

Known as the wind capital of the world, Hood River offers ideal conditions for soaring. Our friendly and experienced pilots harness the power of the wind to guide customers on an unforgettable flight over the heart of the Columbia River Gorge. We are the only organization in the Pacific Northwest offering two-passenger glider rides, making it the premier location for couples and families seeking a thrilling and unique flight experience.

If you’ve never taken a glider ride, you are in for a real surprise. When you take a glider ride with Hood River Soaring, you’ll feel the power of thermals that lift eagles while surfing the slopes of the “East Ridge” and the Mt Hood jet-stream wave. Our pilots listen and respond to customers’ requests, providing a highly customized flight experience.

See for yourself why the Hood River Valley is known around the world for its multiple challenging, but highly rewarding, flying experiences.

Tour Descriptions

Please select from the following options to reserve your glider ride.  However, if you wish to schedule a ride within less than 48 hours, please call rather than reserving online: (541) 286-5609.

Ridge soaring

Discovery Ride

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the scenic beauty and wonder of the Hood River Valley and the Columbia River Gorge.

Approximate flight time: 20-30 minutes


Hood River Valley and Mt Adams

Valley Tour

Soar the East Ridge or catch a thermal to extend the length and breadth of your scenic flight over the Hood River Valley.

Approximate flight time: 30-40 minutes


Glider and Mt Hood

Epic Soar (last ride of the day)

Use the power of the Mt. Hood "wave" to go for an epic flight over the Hood River Valley and Columbia River Gorge.

Approximate flight time: 60 minutes


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Aerobatic Adventure

Fly with Jeff Pinnock, experienced aerobatic pilot & glider instructor. Choose from a menu of maneuvers including a loop, 360° roll, a split S, wing-over, cloverleaf and inverted flight.

Approximate flight time: 15-35 minutes


IMPORTANT NOTES: The capacity of our glider is limited to one or two passengers of between 300-325 pounds, including clothing and accessories. Hood River Soaring is not responsible for the cancellation or alteration of a ride if the party exceeds the weight limit. If you have questions about weight limits, please call: (541) 286-5609.

All passengers must sign a standard liability waiver before their flight. The waiver for minors must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.   SIGN WAIVER HERE

For safety reasons, we reserve the right to cancel the flight at any time due to adverse conditions. We will contact you on your flight day if there’s any doubt about the weather.