Aerobatic Flight

Aerobatic Flight

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Starting young, as a high school student in Florence, OR, Jeff Pinnock flew solo in a Cherokee 140. His instructor was a WWII B-17 pilot who was shot down over Germany during the war & survived German POW camp.

Jeff flew for United Airlines accumulating over 25,000 hours of pilot experience. He started in the DC-8, and later flew the Boeing 737, 747, 757, 767, and he retired from the airlines in 2023 while flying the B-787 Dreamliner.

Gliders became his passion in 2017, getting his rating in Minden, NV & he acquired a commercial glider rating and instructor rating the same year. In 2018 he became an aerobatic glider pilot and he loves to share this passion with others.

You will appreciate his safety-oriented discipline toward flying and enjoy flight attitudes seldom experienced by others.

Your flight begins at Hood River Airport where a tow plane pulls you to 6,000 ft above ground. Your glider is a high performance 2 seat fiberglass ASK-21B, well designed for aerobatic flight. When you release the tow rope, things get more fun. Choose your maneuvers or leave it to Jeff to sort that out for you.

Possible maneuvers include a loop, 360° roll, a split S, wing-over, cloverleaf and inverted flight.

Approximate flight time: 15-35 minutes

Tow to 6,000’ above ground

$275 (single passenger only option)


Jeff P, aerobatic glider pilot posing with his dog, Doug.
Flying buds, Jeff P & canine Doug.
Doug, the dog, backsieat piloting a plane
Whatcha mean, "no treats?!"
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