Soaring Camps

National Junior & Adult Cross-Country Camp & Regional Encampment at Ephrata, WA

Dates: June 30 – July 7, 2024

Cumulus clouds over Ephrata

Come join us for our inaugural junior cross-country and badge camp in the beautiful Northwest. Ephrata, Washington is the home of the Seattle Glider Council’s cross-country training center and huge dedicated glider runway in the booming thermal conditions of Central Washington that nonetheless boast some of the most benign territory for cross-country training and badge achievement. Typical thermal height is 7,000 – 9,000+ AGL, with many small airports and landable dryland farm fields well-distributed throughout the flight area. There is a well-established Proving Grounds that you can use to work up to your Silver Distance, and Gold and Diamond distances are not uncommon.

Towplane at Ephrata

Attendees: Cross-country pilots age 14 & up and all experience levels. Juniors (under age 26) are substantially subsidized by the SSA. Adults are encouraged to register and attend at regular SGC membership and tow rates. There are separate adult and junior registration links below.

Cost: $300 per junior + $50 SGC junior membership. This includes tent camping, all meals, training, glider and mentor, and one tow per day


·         We have a limited number of two-place gliders and mentors available at no charge, and you will be matched with these on a first-come, first-served basis as camp registration checks are received. Additional entrants will go on a waiting list and registration checks held pending until we can find an additional two-place glider and mentor for you, so get your name in early!

·         Your preparation for this event should begin now, so the links below include a number of prerequisites such as completing your Wing Runner and Bronze Badge written tests and a few basic flight tasks so you can get the most out of this camp.

Juniors register here

Adults register here

Hood River Soaring Poster

Primary Training Camp July 15-19 at Hood River, Oregon

Similar to last year, except that adults are welcome this year. Whether a beginner or wanting a week of everyday flight as checkride prep, this is our local primary training camp.

Juniors or adults register here:

Camp is limited to eight to 10 registrants.