I wholeheartedly endorse the program

I was very skeptical about my daughter learning to fly. When we went to the very first informational meeting about “ground school”, I was prepared to drop her off and return later. But as I was preparing to leave, the instructor said I could stay and go through the ground school with her for free! As a result, I got the opportunity to learn about aerodynamics and the forces involved. Bottom line is that it is safer for me to let my daughter fly an glider with no engine, than it is to allow her to drive an automobile to high school! As a result we got very involved in HRS. They provide an opportunity through their youth program that is unique. The youth have opportunities to lead others and build teams in flying. I have participated in launching and ground operations at the glider port. There is a constant emphasis on safety which is important to see from a parent’s perspective. My daughter was able to fund her entire learning experience and more via scholarships and the work study program. This has been a major factor in her deciding to major in aerospace engineering currently at St. Louis University. HRS provided an outstanding opportunity to watch my daughter learn and grow her confidence. I wholeheartedly endorse the program.

Dr. John Ervin

Parent of Youth Program Participant

Achieving one’s goals is easily attainable

I knew I wanted to fly when I was 13 years old.  At the time, I had no idea how I could make my dream of flying a reality.  I first got involved with Hood River Soaring through a free ground school class offered at WAAAM.  Many of the club members and instructors attended, and everyone was very friendly and encouraging towards me.  Thanks to HRS and the youth program, I was able to fund my private glider pilot training entirely from a combination of work study funds and an SSA scholarship. This is what differentiates HRS from many other glider clubs, the club members and the club itself are structured in a way to make success the path of least resistance, therefore achieving one’s goals is easily attainable.  I am grateful to HRS for all of the support and for all of the opportunities that they offered me. 

Victoria Ervin

Youth Program Participant

An inviting environment that cultivates inclusion and support for all its young members

When we first found out that Hood River soaring was going to take shape we were so excited.  Our son, who was a young teenager at the time, had a fierce drive to become a pilot.  When he became a member everyone took him “under their wing”, and he had an array of opportunities handed to him.  Hood River Soaring makes training and becoming a glider pilot accessible through its work-study program and provides an inviting environment that cultivates inclusion and support for all its young members.  We personally have incredible gratitude for all the hard work its board and club members put into making it such a success.   

Carrie and Mark Fuentes

Parents of Youth Program Participant

The community is welcoming, knowledgeable, and ready to give encouragement.

Hood River Soaring has turned an interesting hobby into a dream come true. The community is welcoming, knowledgeable, and ready to give encouragement. Everyone is always trying to help or make the wonderful gliding experience even better. The work study program is extremely helpful for students trying to earn their wings.

Ian Wiebke

Youth Program Participant

A transformative experience for our son

The HRS Youth Program has been a transformative experience for our son. This club does far more than teach kids to fly – although that is a great outcome. It’s a place where they are welcomed by like-minded adults who guide and encourage them to pursue their dreams. They come away with increased confidence and, with some hard work, a license to soar.

Ron & Kelly Wiebke

Parents of Youth Program Participant

The perfect opportunity to pursue my goals

I joined Hood River Soaring when I was 15, shortly after it was founded. I had been searching for a glider club for some time because the minimum age to solo a glider is 14 and I was excited to take the next step in my training. Through its work-study program, Hood River Soaring offered me the perfect opportunity to pursue my goals and get involved in the community.

Nathan Fuentes

1st Youth Member of HRS


Pilot Tim provided me with the experience of a lifetime today.

Timothy Burleson

Scenic Ride Customer

All around nice folks to deal with

Rich Durant

Scenic Ride Customer

Hood River Soaring is a unique place with unbelievable scenery and lift

Wow! What an amazing organization. I learned to fly gliders safely and affordably with Hood River Soaring, three years ago. This group of selfless volunteers helped me to achieve the dream job of commercial (glider) pilot. They work tirelessly, each day, to give others, especially local youth, the opportunity to fly silently and safely, while minimizing fuel burn and environmental impact.

Ridge soaring with the birds, thermaling out in the valley, or riding high on mountain wave; Hood River Soaring is a unique place with unbelievable scenery and lift, thanks to mother nature.

A very welcoming group, I’d encourage anyone considering a glider ride or pilot training to take advantage of all that Hood River Soaring has to offer, from scenic rides, to ground school, to plot training.

Cory Roeseler

HRS Member – Glider Pilot

I really enjoyed the sailplane ride!

Our pilot was very informative and professional.

Mary O’Brien

Scenic Ride Customer


You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful backdrop for such a challenging and rewarding flight experience.

Steve Frisby

HRS Member – Tow Pilot

Great people. Great lift!

Gary Boggs

Visiting Glider Pilot


Went on a glider plane ride (birthday gift) and got to see the whole gorge from a new perspective. The planes are tiny and zippy with a great turning radius. Totally recommend for fun or for gifts. They apparently do lessons here, too. Loved it and would come back. Great pilot and staff!

Vilija Jozaitis

Scenic Ride Customer

We gained a whole new perspective on the Gorge.

My husband and I took a glider ride with Hood River Soaring to celebrate his 40th birthday, and it was such a positive experience. Neither one of us had ever been soaring and we loved every minute of it. We gained a whole new perspective on the Gorge. We would definitely recommend booking a ride with Hood River Soaring the next time you are looking for a new and fun experience.

Becky Brun

Scenic Ride Customer

Amazing and beautiful! We will be back!

Ground crew, Stan, was really helpful. Our tow pilot and glider pilot were knowledgeable and fun.

Alisa Brake

Scenic Ride Customer

What an awesome experience!

Beautiful views, incredible staff you can’t beat it. You have got to go fly the gorge.

Todd Bybee

Scenic Ride Customer

One of the most stunning experiences I’ve ever had

Beautiful location, amazing views, super skilled pilots. This was one of the most stunning experiences I’ve ever had.

William Wu

Scenic Ride Customer

Awesome group of people!

Everyone was so nice and helpful, I would highly recommend them.

Rod Walters

Scenic Ride Customer

Incredible experience!

Great instruction and help from all of the staff ! We enjoyed our flights so much!

Maayan Shalev

Scenic Ride Customer