Visiting Pilots

Experience the Wind Capital of the World

Hood River's atmospheric conditions make it very attractive for soaring. The reliable west winds combine with thermal heating in the Hood River Valley to make the valley's east ridge ideal for consistent ridge soaring, while to the west, Mt Hood and the Cascade range generate conditions for upper-level wave soaring.

Hood River Soaring Club is an active group of aviation enthusiasts who share a love of soaring.  We welcome visiting pilots to join Hood River Soaring with a temporary visitor membership, which provides full access to members-only rates for towing, instruction and equipment rental.

We also offer towing services to non-Hood River Soaring members with their own gliders, providing that they are current members of the Soaring Society of America (proof of SSA membership is required).  However, to access instruction and/or aircraft rental, a visitor membership is required.

All visiting pilots are strongly encouraged to take an orientation flight with a club intructor or experienced club member. For pilots with flight computers who wish to download a waypoint file to display the local landmarks, click here: Worldwide Turnpoint Exchange: Hood River.

All visiting pilots, please contact us well ahead of your visit (a minimum of 30 days advance notice is best) so that we can advise and help you have the best experience.

In order to gain rental access to the HRS fleet, visiting pilots must:

HRS Towing, Instruction and Equipment Rental Rates

  • $60 flat rate up to 3,000' AGL + $1 per 100 feet above 3,000'
  • $45 each for pattern tows to 1,000' AGL
  • $120 for 3 pattern tows (NOTE: A pattern tow is the minimum towing rate. Rope breaks, real or simulated, are charged as pattern tows. If the glider is lifted off the runway, the full fee is charged.)

Non-members: $65 flat rate up to 3,000' AGL + $1 per 100 feet above 3,000' 

Proof of SSA membership is required for non-members to receive tows.


$65/hr - prorated in 1/10 hr increments

AIRCRAFT RENTAL: (Visitor membership required)

prorated in 1/10 hr increments

  • Schleicher ASK 21 (N221JH): $50/hr
  • Schweizer SGS 1-26B (N9924J): $20/hr
  • SchweizerSGS 2-33A (N5786S): $20/hr
  • LET L-33 Solo (N120MW): $40/hr
  • Schweizer SGS 2-32 (N2402W): $40/hr ($20 minimum)