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Glider Ground School

Glider Ground School (January - March 2021)

The HRS Glider Private Pilot Ground School will prepare student pilots for the required FAA Knowledge to solo a glider, and additional introductory preparation for the FAA Knowledge and oral portion of a Private Pilot Glider CheckRide.


All classes will be held over Zoom and led by flight instructors Steve Frisby, Frank Gomez, Mark Stanfield, and other HRS instructors.


Wednesdays from 7:30-9pm beginning January 20th.

8-12 classes offered weekly over a three month period.

Course Fee:

HRS Members:  $100
Non-Members:  $150

Youth scholarships available

Registration has closed.

In 2019, a few months after earning his CFIG, Mark Stanfield taught the first ground school course at HRS to introduce new glider students to the licensing process with two main objectives:

  1. Prepare for the FAA Private Pilot Glider written exam; and
  2. Prepare for the Oral Exam portion of their checkride with an FAA approved examiner.

The ground school was held in a classroom with about 12 students and a slide presentation to help get through the vast amounts of material that a new pilot needs to know. There is a slide deck which accompanies this webinar series (see the link below). Please email Mark with questions or suggestions.  Happy Soaring!

​Glider Ground School Links:
  1. Webinar slide deck: Click to view slides
  2. Private Pilot Practical Test Standards for Glider FAA-S-8081-22.  Free PDF download on the FAA Website
  3. Soundings: https://rucsoundings.noaa.gov/gwt/
  4. Private pilot ground school:  https://fly8ma.com/courses/pplgs/
    Intended for powered but covers 90% of what you need for the glider.
  5. Pilotedge flight communication training simulation:  https://www.pilotedge.net/#
    Great for learning proper radio protocol in both VFR and IFR environments.
​CFIG Links:

One soaring club's steps to becoming a CFIG: https://sites.google.com/site/soaringclubofhouston/learn-to-fly/scoh-instructor-academy

Safety Links:
  1. FAAST:  https://www.faasafety.gov
  2. CFI Wing Challenge: https://www.mywingsinitiative.org

Power, Tailwheel, Aerobatic http://www.figure1foundation.com

McCready, XC, and Contest Experts:

John H. Cochrane https://faculty.chicagobooth.edu/john.cochrane/soaring/index.htm