Golf cart glider

Indian Creek Glider
Indian Creek Golf Course

Golf is an activity I do when walking seems too boring, so I spend $80 to remind myself why I don’t play more often. Located near the Hood River airport, Indian Creek Golf Course is under the  airport’s traffic pattern & it’s fun to see airplanes while waiting for the 5-some ahead of me to vacate the green. I’m sure my ball will get there, eventually.

I use a GPS golf app called "TheGrint" which tracks your score & provides satellite images of the different holes. It shows your distance from hazards or the green…very handy, making my laser measuring device nearly obsolete.

Standing on the 16th tee box & studying the fairway layout on the app, I noticed (to my surprise) a glider pictured on the fairway about 250 yards down on the left side. Was this a nod to the aviation community? Did someone make an emergency landing here?  Will I see a derelict plane when I get there? At first it looked like there was a shadow right under the wing, suggesting it was grounded. I called Russ Reade, and he wasn’t aware of a past landout on the course.

Glider shadow
Satellite view of golf

After more scrutiny, I noticed an airplane shadow some distance behind it, and zooming out, the plane was heading for the high school, the initial point from which glider traffic enters the landing pattern.

There’s probably an app that compares tree shadows and airplane shadows to give an exact altitude of the plane. This picture was not of a glider resting on the ground, but a serendipitous shot capturing one of our gliders returning to the field while nearing traffic pattern altitude.

Mystery solved… I’d always rather be in a glider than playing golf, but this blend was a curious mix of the two, and kept my mind off my lack of golfing skill for a bit.