Dream Fulfilled

A Dream Fulfilled

Hi everyone - I wanted to share this with you, especially for those who were in the field today. Scenic rides are often not just rides - but once in a lifetime experiences that are not forgotten, by the passengers or their families. This is from the passenger's wife:

On Tuesday - "We have a gift certificate from 2019; my husband had Parkinson's issues and had also had a heart attack. This has been a dream that he has had all his life and all of our kids got together and bought it for him. So he will be thrilled with whatever he gets. He is getting so excited!"

Today I texted her to ask how his ride was. "OMG Sarah, it was incredible! I am still sending out videos to family and friends. I don't think you truly understand what this gift meant to our whole family. With his Parkinson's there's so little that we can do for his enjoyment. Thankfully, our son-in-law who is a fireman was able to help Bruce to get inside the small compartment and he had to carry him over his shoulder to get him out.

I'm actually crying. The day could not have been more perfect! Praise God for this perfect beautiful day and for such kind people that run this whole organization. I will be telling everybody about you guys and I know I have friends that absolutely want to do it.


Flight of a lifetime

By the way, my son-in-law, Scott used to live in the third house right next to the airport because his dad flew planes all the time. That house was actually torn down and a new one built in its place, but Scott was like a little kid running around telling everyone that this used to be his playground and he would ride his bike up and down the grassy area. He said nothing is more beautiful than the sound of the engines of a plane. He said it brought back a lot of happy memories."

Thank you all for your time on the field today! And for the awesomeness like this that HRS makes possible.