CFIG Solos 14 yr old

What's Better Than a Young Person's Sweet 16 Birthday?  Flying Solo on Their 14th Birthday!
Hi, my name is Mark Stanfield and I'm one of the CFIGs (Certified Flight Instructor-Glider) at HRS.  I love a good challenging cross country flight....flying across the country looking at different terrain, gliding with the eagles, seeing lake mountains from the air, and thinking about the great life and opportunities we are given in the USA. Equally, I enjoy providing flight instruction to a dedicated adult or youth, especially our youth.  We start training youth members as early as their 13th birthday, and after a year of great training, from one of our FAA Certified Instructors, the student solos on their 14th birthday. At 16 yrs, they can get their FAA Glider Certificate.
The weeks leading up to a student solo is a critical and exciting time.  The student pilot needs to fly and train consistently.  Then that special birthday arrives.
It is also a special moment for the flight instructor to watch a 14 yo climb into a glider without the instructor in the back, and their Mom, Dad, or both are in the distance watching.
Mark Stanfield with 14 yr old first solo in SGS 233
Ian Weibke on his 14th Solo Birthday, with CFIG Mark Stanfield

The student pilot does their first solo flight and after they land the glider in the middle of the runway and the glider stops they always have this HUGE SMILE! That smile is when I watch the changing of a young person with possibilities become a young person with more possibilities, a little more knowledge, a little more experience, and a new feeling of confidence!  It's an awesome moment!  After that the student usually is even more engaged with the learning process of learning to fly!